Camera & Optical Instrument Sales and Service

Repair or Replace? Repairing a camera requires highly technical and time-consuming manual labor. It can be expensive. Sometimes, to fully assess the problem and provide you with an accurate estimate of the repair cost, a technician has to totally dismantle your camera. (see refused estimates) Sometimes what you thought might be one thing, is actually several unrelated problems.

If you still aren’t sure if it’s worth it, here’s our rule of thumb: If repairs will cost less than half the replacement cost, and you have been happy with the camera, repair. All Kominek repairs carry a six-month warranty.

When replacement and repair cost about the same, you may want to shop around. Check our product list or visit the store to see the latest in reconditioned cameras, most of which also carry our six-month warranty.

How Long? How Much? It usually takes 10 business days to complete a repair, unless of course, there are delays waiting for or fabricating parts.

Costs vary widely, depending on the parts and labor needed. Once we have examined your camera, we can estimate the repair cost. When you OK the estimate, the work begins. We call you as soon as your camera is ready. GST and PST are charged on all repairs. A charge applies for refused estimates.

If you can’t make it to the shop during store hours to deliver or pick up your equipment, consider shipping it, or arrange your own pick-up - but please notify us in advance so we can pack up the order professionally.

Video equipment requires special attention. Due to their complex circuitry, video equipment needs to be completely dismantled to locate, much less, repair the problem. There is a flat fee of $175 (plus taxes) to inspect and repair video cameras and recorders, with small parts included (re-estimates will be provided if major parts are required).

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