Camera & Optical Instrument Sales and Service

When To Repair - Before you bring or send in your camera, check the following:

On/Off Switch: It’s easy to forget, especially if the camera hasn’t been used for a while. Or, if you forgot to switch it off last time you may have drained your batteries.

Batteries: Many cameras won't function properly when batteries drop below the specified voltage. If your camera ‘stalls’ first check your batteries with a proper voltmeter, not the kind with green/yellow/red sectors on the dial. (Tips & Takes/Batteries)

If they are up to the correct voltage, then check for corrosion — dullness or a filmy coating on the camera or battery contacts — which can disrupt the flow of current from the battery. Clean the battery contacts on the battery lid and inside the camera with a pencil eraser. This should remove all but the worst corrosion, and may restore proper conductivity. If this doesn't do the job, replace your batteries. If that doesn’t work, see a professional, US!

Film: Many cameras won't function when there is no film in them, or when the film has been rewound. Try with a fresh film.

Read: When all else fails, read your owner's manual or check the manufacturer’s Web site for troubleshooting tips. If your equipment is still under warranty, contact the vendor or manufacturer for repair policies. Kominek repairs are warranted for six months.

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